End of Year Business Loans

Business Loan Best Reasons

What is your Reason?

There is generally 3 good reasons why a business would benefit from a loan.

The business is struggling

To expand the business

To Hang the Tax man and pocket the profit

If you are having to make up excuses for your creditors, stressing about how you are going to pay the wages on Friday then you no doubt are looking for a quick fix.

Just because your customer numbers are down this week, somebody hasn’t paid you on time, or you are suffering because you don’t have that new piece of equipment to make the business viable is no excuse to lie down and die when a quick business loan can get you over the hump in 24 hours. You certainly can’t afford to wait weeks for traditional lenders to process your application. As from 1st July 2017 Tax debts over 10K will be reported to credit agencies. A bank isn’t going to give you a loan to pay your taxes. But best business loans can advance loans to cover these type of business crisis’s.

Maybe you have just recognized that now would be a good time to increase profits from your business. For example:
• Might be an idea to increase your product range
A loan can help extend your product range, by funding research, development and purchasing. You could adjust an existing product for a new market, or start selling something entirely new

• Try Growing your market share
Reach out to new customers with a targeted marketing campaign. An unsecured business loan can fund high quality brand promotion, helping you secure a bigger customer base

• Update your equipment
Quality and speed of service is really important to customers, who increasingly share their reviews of businesses and products online. Having the best tools available gives you an edge on the competition

• Growing your team might help
New hires can give productivity a real boost, but it can be a while before this converts into revenue. Having cash resources makes it a stress free investment.

As you know the tax man is offering an immediate tax depreciation write off for new equipment purchases so if you need to reduce your business tax payment to the tax man then this is a great opportunity to cut your out-goings and fuel your business with cash.

So Here is the Deal !

Best Business Loan Agreement

Enjoy a payment holiday with an unsecured business loan this EOFY

We know what the end of financial year means to small business owners. It’s filled with opportunities and deadlines. We can help ease the pressure so you can be ready to seize business opportunities. We’re offering you a business loan with an extended repayment holiday.

Take out a new loan between 12 May 2017 and 30 June 2017 and make no repayments until 3 July 2017*.

Unlock business opportunities

• Take advantage of the $20k small business instant asset tax write-off
• Cover ATO, employee or super payments
• Purchase inventory or equipment for FY 2018
• Renovate or expand
• Invest in marketing to start the new financial year with a bang

What we’re offering:

• Unsecured business loans from $5,000 – $250,000
• Terms from 3 – 12 months
• Easy online application process that takes minutes
• Most loans approved in under 24 hours**
• Funds usually available next business day
• Cash flow friendly repayments

We can help you with the funds you need for your business. Take advantage of this offer now and enjoy no repayments until 3 July 2017*.
Is There Ever Going to be a Better Time?


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