The term is also used to refer to the results of such changes. The most palpable examples are found in immigrant families who have to adapt to the culture of the country where they emigrate. Acculturation happens at both level individual and group. Acculturation is one of the most needed processes in our society to make people realize what changes are needed to make their life better. The word 'acculturation' is the act of that transition. 14 Differences between Acculturation Vs Enculturation. Assimilation can be an eventual outcome of the acculturation process, but the process can have other outcomes as well, including rejection, integration, marginalization, and transmutation. ), The sage glossary of the social and behavioral sciences, SAGE Publications, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA, pp. The result of group acculturation may be change in customs, language, food and healthcare. Acculturation This term is used to describe both the process of contacts between different cultures and also the customs of such contacts. Sometimes this process can be hectic and moves at a slow pace because some people are hostile to changes. Acculturation definition is - cultural modification of an individual, group, or people by adapting to or borrowing traits from another culture; also : a merging of cultures as a result of prolonged contact. Studies on Latino and A/PI youth indicate that higher levels of adolescent assimilation were a risk factor for violence. In contrast to acculturation, enculturation is the process of an individual or group learning and adapting to the norms and values of a culture or society in which they are immersed (e.g., learning a new language or clothing style). The original culture of the person changes due to adoption of the culture of the others. August 22, 2018 Sandesh Adhikari Sociology 0. As the process of contact between cultures, acculturation may involve either direct social interaction or exposure to other cultures by … This chapter provides a comprehensive review of research linking acculturation and violent behavior for adolescents of three minority populations: Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander (A/PI), and American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/AN). At group level it may happen due to political or military conquest. Acculturation: Acculturation is the process in which the people of one culture adopts the culture of the other that is not originally their own. It has been found to account for up to 65 percent of the variance in multidimensional acculturation measures that capture language use, other behaviors, and attitudes ( Rogler, Cortes, and Malgady … • Acculturation is a process where the cultural aspects of the majority community are adapted without losing the traditions and customs of the minority community. Sullivan, L E 2009, 'Acculturation (sociology)', in Sullivan, LE (ed. While acculturation has numerous attitudinal and behavioral dimensions, language use, or linguistic acculturation, is by far the most common measure of acculturation (Zane and Mak 2003). How to use acculturation in a sentence. Acculturation, the processes of change in artifacts, customs, and beliefs that result from the contact of two or more cultures. Main examples of acculturation are related to religious beliefs, the loss of the native language or the intervention of foreign elements in the original culture.. In this way, if every life is changed by acculturation, whole society demeanour is changed for better. 5, viewed 8 May 2020, doi: 10.4135/9781412972024.n23.

• Minority culture changes in the case of assimilation whereas it remains intact in the case of acculturation.