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Gadsden Flag Poster American Revolution Poster Patriotic Poster Dont tread on me 18x24. Bunker Hill 17 June 1775 After the British rout from Lexington, a loosely organized New England army of volunteers and militia laid siege to Boston.

The Use of Propaganda During the American Revolution.

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The American Revolution, a social and cultural shift of allegiance from aristocracy and monarchy to sovereignty of the citizens with a system of law and elected representatives (republicanism), began as struggle for justice and morality against the British Empire. offers the best selection of American Revolution art prints for sale online, with easy pricing, free shipping & returns, and custom framing options for the perfect piece to inspire your space. Posters included:• The Stamp Act Passed• The Stamp Act Repealed• Townshend Acts• Boston Massacre• Boston Tea Party• First Continen

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Our Amendments Weapons of the American Revolution 14x16.

There is nothing new about the use of propaganda to sway public opinion.

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The Infographic can be printed as a poster or as handouts for students.

Victory is in our grasp. American Revolution Poster Project.

Poster/ student handout with maps showing a map of Colonies in 1776 and the USA today.

Americans realized early in their dispute with the mother country that they needed to tell their side of the story quickly and effectively in order to persuade people at home and abroad of the probity and justice of their cause.

The hated Redcoats are on the run!

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