French Revolution for Kids & Teachers Free Lesson Plans, Games, Powerpoints. This week we will begin looking at the French Revolution and since we are nearing the end of the semester you will have an opportunity to complete 2 optional projects centered upon the French Revolution & Napoleon. if you like to travel: Research the attractions in a specific French-speaking city/region/country (monuments, museums, nature, geography, cultural/historical sites, etc.). Research the travel and tourism industry in a specific French-speaking country/region. This!unitplan!was!designed!during!my!methods!class!in!my!lastsemester!of!college!before!beginning! Your article must be at least 4 paragraphs long and it must be written from the perspective of a 3rd estate member living in France during the time period. The French revolution is a very important incident in the history and there are lots of dynamics and several other things associated with it. You will be tasked with creating fake “twitter feed” on poster paper from the perspective from someone who was a live during this period. Group Stage | New York Subliners vs Seattle Surge | Seattle Surge Home Series | Day 1 Call of Duty League 21,322 watching Live now The French revolution is a very important incident in the history and there are lots of dynamics and several other things associated with it. 217-219, pick a topic to write a newspaper article about it.

First-Ugly French Revolution and/or Napoleon Sweater , Sweatshirt(or T-shirt) French Revolution/Napoleon Shirt Instructions Expectations Your theme is the… The ideology of the French Revolution was broader and more complex than mere slogans, however. French Revolution Unit Plan !!!!! When the prison was attacked, it only held 7 prisoners.The mob was didn't gather for them,they knew there was a huge amount of ammunition inside.When the prison governor refused to cooperate, the mob charged and then later took over the prison.This had marked the beginning of the French Revolution, in which the monarchy was overthrown. The Revolution resulted in the suppression of the feudal system, emancipation of the individual, a greater division of landed property, abolition of the privileges of noble birth, and nominal establishment of equality among men. The resource contains a student handout that explains a research project, instructions for participating in a Gallery Walk activity, a The French Revolution differed from other revolutions in being not only national, for it intended to benefit all humanity.

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This gives a good chance to the students to bring those things in writing.

Three of these ideas were encapsulated in a well-known revolutionary slogan: “Liberty! We are having trouble on making the decision final. French Revolution Project British newspaper coverage of the French Revolution Read the news that was printed in England during the time of the French Revolution. The project is spread over an area of 55 acres (22 ha).