You will be notified via email when the scores are ready for viewing. Score Report Insights. The score report for the ISEE includes a scaled score from 760 to 940 for each level of the test. The score report includes a percentile rank that compares the student to the norm group of all students who took the test over the last three years. The report provides an overview of a student’s performance on each of the subtests compared to that of students in the same grade over the last three years. Here is a breakdown of the different scores presented on the ISEE score report, and their importance: Scaled Score: The scaled score for each section is a number between 760 and 940. Most students receive their ISEE test scores between seven to ten business days after they complete the test, and ISEE test scores are automatically sent to the schools you’ve selected. Students receive an individual score for each section. Scores of ISEE tests taken online, either at a school or a prometric site , are posted online once the test is scored. ISEE score reports are distributed electronically to schools as early as the Monday after a Saturday exam. Scores from online administrations may post more quickly. This contains the same information as the percentile, but in a less straightforward way. A percentile score from 1-3 translates to a stanine score of 1, 4-10 to a 2, 11-22 to a 3, 23-39 to a 4, 40-59 to a 5, 60-76 to a 6, 77-88 to a 7, 89-95 to an 8, and 96-99 to a 9. The score report ISEE test-takers receive contain three scores for each of the assessment areas. If you did not set up an online account upon registration, no need to worry. Understanding Score Reports In general, ISEE scores show what a student has gradually learned over a period of time. On the ISEE, the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections are sometimes termed “ability tests,” and the Reading Comprehension and Mathematics Achievement sections are achievement tests. Your child ’s Individual Student Report is usually available within 10-14 days after the test date. Section: There are 4 sections of the ISEE that students will receive a score for. The Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sections focus on English and the Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematics Achievement sections focus on math. The ISEE score report takes about 7-10 business days to arrive (after the test is administered). Scores from paper administrations post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. ISEE testing results Receiving the score report. The ISEE score report students receive will have several scores for each section of the test. The essay section is not scored and will not show up on the score report.