Excretion - Excretion - Regulation of water and salt balance: The mechanisms of detoxication that animals use are related to their modes of life. REPRODUCTION: Many of us know what reproduction entails. Answer (1 of 1): Excretion is the process of the body ridding itself of waste after taking the required energy, water and mineral values from the food and nutrients it has consumed. Excretion in Animals, Humans and Plants! Key Difference – Excretion vs Osmoregulation. Excretion is the removal of substances from plants, animals and other living organisms. This is true, with greater force, of the mechanisms of homeostasis, the ability of organisms to maintain internal stability. We aimed to investigate the time course, clinical correlates and prognostic importance of urinary sodium excretion in AHF. In a prospective cohort of 175 consecutive patients with an admission for AHF we evaluated urinary sodium excretion 6 h after initiation of loop diuretic therapy. The primary role of biotransformation is to convert lipophilic drugs into hydrophobic compounds or to convert non-excretable drugs into excretable forms. Methods and results. Kidneys. Metabolism produces useful products as well as toxic (poisonous) by-products. The purpose of excretion is to remove waste products of metabolism. Water is absorbed by roots, Water ascends through xylem tissue of the stem to the leaves and the water lost by transpiration generates a pull to raise water upwards , There is no specialize d excretory system in plants, since the excretion in plants doesn’t cause any problem , this is for the following reasons : Ones a man cannot defecate on his own, problem has arisen. It is a vital process occurs in all living organisms to maintain a healthy life. EXCRETION: This is the removal of waste metabolic products from the body. Very useful as exam/test preparation. It is an essential characteristics of a living thing. A summary of the Importance of Excretion. The sum of these reactions is called metabolism. Plants have two different sets of excretion; Photosynthesis and Respiration. Chemical reactions occur in the cells of living organisms all the time to carry out the life processes. Kidneys are not fully developed in newborns. Homeostasis is the ability of our body to detect and oppose the changes that push away from the balance points. Oxygen is a waste product in photosynthesis as carbon dioxide is broken down into sugar and oxygen. Sites for Excretion. In humans, the skin, lungs and kidneys are excretory organs. Being lipophilic is a property desirable for absorption and passage through the body, but not for excretion. Excretion in plants.