African-American . Top 5 American Folktales By JE Bright . Latin American Folktales book. Folktales are generally passed down from one generation to another and often take on the characteristics of the time and place in which they are told.

But be forewarned: number eight is probably going to make you pee your pants, so you'd be wise to stop drinking liquids before you get started.

... and take a look at these 10 bone-chilling Latin American ghost stories in the gallery below. September 15, 2016 . El Silbón/Twitter. European-American. 1/10.

Before Europeans discovered it, South America was the home of many ancient civilizations numbering millions of people. Latin American Folktales: Picture Books for Kids Most of these titles include a spattering of Spanish words and phrases ( a glossary is usually included ) and several are either bilingual or have Spanish versions available. The folklore is very similar throughout most of the Latin American countries. There once lived an armadillo who loved music more than anything else in the world. Latin American Latin American Folklore: Latin American Folklore. Latin America has many traditional folktales and legends with different creatures and spirits in the staring role. Enjoy! The folklore is very similar throughout most of the Latin American countries. As a relatively young country, the United States of America hasn’t had the same amount of time as older civilizations to develop, standardize, and compile compendiums of folktales arising from grassroots myths and legends. Image via Asian-American . South America is the fourth largest continent on Earth. Welcome to the South American folktales page! El Silbón. The collection of folktales from South America consists of two books with thirty Brazilian folktales. Folktales speak to universal and timeless themes, and help folks make sense of their existence or cope with the world in which they live. 28.6k. There is a strong Spanish and African influence in the creatures and the stories.

A folktale (also spelled folk tale) is a story or legend forming part of an oral tradition. 1.The Rabbit and The Coyote. Armadillo's Song. Read 12 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 10 Latin American folktales that will scare your children straight! Mayan folktales. Latin America has many traditional folktales with different creatures and spirits in the staring role. Another strong influence is the native cultures and the mix makes for some interesting and scary stories. About Latin American Folktales The wisdom and artistry of storytellers from Hispanic and Indian traditions preserve one of the world’s richest folktale traditions—combining the lore of medieval Europe, the ancient Near East, and pre-Columbian America.