It was love at first sight! to be fixated on something; (lit. the only reason exists. amore a prima vista exp. Unlike most rhyming slang expressions, it is still in semi-popular use both in London and outside. Italian Slang Dictionary A. accidente m. nothing, zip; (lit. ): to raise an elbow. ): an owl. ): stinking breath. love at first sight: È stato amore a prima vista! But again there is a time and place for it. Portmanteau for the words : Short and LANGuage Influenced by different languages, dialects, cultures, sayings, and on some occassions, tone or accent of a voice, the word SLANG caught on as a coined term during the late 80's in Atlanta, Georgia by Madamé Constable Charlotte Hemingsworth VIII as she was famous for speaking in a Southern accent and was too lax to … Learn more about slang in popular culture and find links to online American slang dictionaries. Cosa Nostra is Italian for “this thing of ours.” Omerta is the code of silence and one of the first vows one takes when being sworn into a Mafia family. In Slang: The People's Poetry, Adams covers this perennially interesting subject in a serious but highly engaging way, illuminating the fundamental question "What is Slang" and defending slang--and all forms of nonstandard English--as integral parts of the American language. ): to have a nail fixed in the … The penalty for violating this … alito puzzolente m. bad breath; (lit. Borgata is a crime family. alzare il gomito exp. Why are snow-boarding terms … Because language is a tool, and sometimes slang is the best tool for the job. Why is an expression like "bed head" lost in a lexical limbo, found neither in slang nor standard dictionaries? Goombah, goomba or gumba is Sicilian slang for the Italian word compare — a close friend or buddy, literally “godfather” in Italian. Slang is not all that bad. On the contrary, it might help people bring together as slang advertises freedom of expression at a higher scale. Spreading online in early November 2019 was a joke that Generation X is the Karen Generation (the name begin associated with people born between 1964–85). ): an accident. This term comes from cockney rhyming slang, [1] a form of communication originated in old east London by merchants to communicate with each other in a way that is disguised and incomprehensible to outsiders. avere un chiodo fisso in testa exp. Goumada is a mafia mistress. allocco m. a stupid person, a jerk; (lit. to drink; (lit. Babbo is a dope, idiot and useless individual.