In total, projects certified to the CCB Program cover almost 11 million hectares. Our UK and Kenya tree planting programme incorporate "Tree Buddying".

This means for each tree you pledge, as well as planting a tree, we also offset one tonne of CO 2 through a VCS project, which guarantees offsetting one tCO 2. Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta). After reducing your climate impact, you can support the transition to a low-carbon future by offsetting your unavoidable emissions with high-impact carbon credits from Gold Standard-certified projects. Skip navigation Sign in. What does VERIFIED CARBON STANDARD mean? After more than a year of consultation, we have concluded that the Verified Carbon Standard is a name that inspires trust and opens doors. Select the Global Portfolio and your carbon offsetting will be used to support projects around the World . The VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) Program is the world's most widely used voluntary emissions reduction standard. It provides a credible but simple set of criteria that will provide integrity to the voluntary carbon market. It is a name that will position the VCS Program, and all those who rely on it, to better engage with new emerging sources of demand as carbon markets grow and change. Most of us cannot yet reduce our carbon footprint to zero.

The CCB Program can be used in conjunction with a GHG-crediting program, such as the VCS Program, and carbon credits can be labeled with the co-benefits certified under the CCB Program. The Verified Carbon Standard provides a global standard and program for approval of credible voluntary offsets. All offset projects in the Global Portfolio are verified to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).Our projects are selected predominantly within developing countries, where they assist carbon emission reduction as well as bringing local community benefits. This ensures your carbon offsetting: is fully verified Tree Buddying Explained. "VCS offsets must be real (have happened), additional (beyond business-as-usual activities), measurable, permanent (not temporarily displace emissions), independently verified and unique (not used more than once to offset emissions)." Search.