Pollution control is a term used in environmental management. Food Chain Destruction. 3. How people get their water. It is necessary to make kids aware of the effects of water pollution, as water pollution is now a raging topic and if soon preventive actions are not taken, the coming generation won’t have clean water to drink. water pollution essay for kids Introduction to Water Pollution Essay. Water Pollution Activities and Ocean Pollution for Kids Trying to teach children about ocean pollution may sound like a difficult feat. Effects of Water Pollution. The role of plants in water filtration. Water Pollution Facts to Share with Kids As parents we have a responsibility to teach our kids lessons that they will keep for the rest of their lives. You see, the ocean is a huge place, and it’s hard to imagine that the tiniest piece of litter could impact this enormous body of water. Thirstin's ground water movement activity. We need water to perform various activities in a day like drinking, bathing, washing, cooking, etc. Water purification by evaporation and condensation. Every living thing needs water for the survival. More than half of the world’s population faces a water shortage and polluted drinking water afflicts about 250 million people worldwide resulting to about 10 million deaths every year.. 4. Water pollution can come from a variety of sources. Pollution Science and Sensory Bin for Perfect Activities on Pollution

Teach your kids about Pollution in a fun way. Non-point source pollution. These Water Pollution Activities are so simple and easy to set up. Water is the most essential component for us to survive. Without water, we will not be able to survive on Earth. Water pollution accounts for as many as three million deaths every year, most of which are children. They are prone to deaths and diseases like hepatitis, cholera or typhoid. When the water becomes contaminated and used by living things can make them sick and possibly result in the death. 1. Nature has given us a beautiful gift in the form of water. One of the most important lessons to share with kids is the impact they can have on the environment and how they can do their part to make a difference. Matching water terms. Instead, plastic often ends up in water, where it releases toxic chemicals and can be mistaken for food. Water pollution can result in the destruction of marine life or a particular animal type within an ecosystem. In many places, water comes in contact with industrial and human wastes and people drink such contaminated water. This pollution activity is a simple way to actually show children with real connections to nature on how pollution affects our environment. Interactive word scramble (Flash) Interactive matching game (Flash) Interactive water filtration (Flash) Thirstin builds an aquifer. Without pollution control, the waste products from overconsumption, heating, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, transportation and other human activities, whether they accumulate or disperse, will degrade the environment. Water pollution, the release of substances (such as chemicals or microorganisms) and energy (in the form of radioactivity or heat) into surface and subsurface waters to the point where they interfere with beneficial use of the water or with the natural functioning of ecosystems.

Pollution can enter water directly, through both legal and illegal discharges from factories, for example, or imperfect water treatment plants. It means the control of emissions and effluents into air, water or soil.

Contaminated water from the factory is polluting the clean water. Water is the basic ingredient of life, without water life is not possible on Earth. Plastic pollution is different from paper or food waste because it never fully decomposes, or breaks down into pieces that can be reused by nature.