World War I began in 1914 after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and lasted until 1918. World War I. The period leading up to the war was a complex tangle of diplomacy and political maneuvering—many countries debated over strategies and alliances until nearly the last minute—and the first few weeks of the conflict were similarly chaotic and confusing. However, historians agree nearly unanimously about the war’s consequences: World War I led almost directly to World War II and set the stage for many other … World War I Power Point 1. Causes of WWI – MANIA! Media items 2K Comments 24 Media items 2K Comments 24. This is a new recording (a must for history teachers) and has been encoded using RealAudio in order to preserve its quality. This entry is part 1 of a 10-part series on World War I. Media items 1K Comments 32 Media items 1K Comments 32. World War I's impact on women's roles in society was immense. World War II. World War I Notes 2. Overview: Britain and World War One, 1901 - 1918. SHS Media Center Databases . Media items 94 Comments 2 Media items 94 Comments … With the end of the war, the idea that speech could be restricted when it presented a “clear and present” danger to social order was transformed by the courts in later cases. M ilitarism - policy of building up a strong military to prepare for war A lliances – agreements between nations to provide aid and protect on another A ssassination – of Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand I mperialism – when one country takes over another country economically and politically. The passwords for the databases and ebooks are in the Schoology SHS Media Center Group or in the Media Center. Other. Uploaded media 30,282 Embedded media 5 Comments 845 Disk usage 7.9 GB. ID of parts. World War I. Use the Gale Topic Finder (available in some Gale Databases) to help find the perfect search term. Media items 19K Comments 700 Media items 19K Comments 700. Origins of World War I Written and performed by Jonathan Pagel ( web site: ø Revision Raps . and other items. ABC-CLIO. Use the following links to access online resources for your research. The Great War brought decades of simmering social reform to the boil. Women were conscripted to fill empty jobs left behind by the male servicemen, and as such, they were both idealized as symbols of the home front under attack and viewed with suspicion as their temporary freedom made … In this installment, I hope to give a glimpse of the war's beginnings, and a preview of what is to come. World War i: Citation Help. All Databases.