But there's a lot to understand about the ACT Science section if you want to do well on it.. After you read these guides, the hard work starts. Read the passage carefully. Reading and English books from Erica Meltzer. ACT Online is not as highly recommended as the above despite being from the ACT, but may be better than ACT Academy Science Test Tips. Refer to the scientific information in the passage when answering the question. 36 on science here. The Official ACT Prep Book, which includes 5 practice tests. Started at a 29, 33, then 36. For The Love of ACT Science (FTLOAS) By Michael Cerro.

Also, know that you do not need ANY prior knowledge whatsoever and even if you do have some it doesn't really help. Check out our new ACT Science prep book. This is a lot to take in — I know. You need to gather high-quality resources to work with and diagnose your specific weaknesses on every practice test you take. Read and consider all of the answer choices before …

Math and essay books from College Panda. [ GOOD TO KNOW: Top 10 Tips for ACT English • Top 10 Tips for ACT Math • Top 10 Tips for ACT Reading ] If you liked this lesson, you'll love our book. It includes everything you need to know to ace ACT Science, including deep analysis of the logic behind ACT Science questions, a full breakdown of the different passage and question types, and tons of expert test-taking and study tips.

Conclusion: How to Use This Ultimate ACT Science Guide.

On Test Day, the ACT Science Test will always be the fourth test you’ll take. An actual ACT Science Test contains 40 questions to be answered in 35 minutes. I don't have a strategy except for go straight to the questions and don't run out of time. It will have 6-7 passages with 5-8 questions each; you’ll have 35 minutes to complete them. ACT Reading Tip #9: The ACT is an open-book test On Test Day, you will encounter four very different passage types: Prose Fiction, Social Studies, Humanities (history and fine art), and Natural Science. Want to learn more about ACT Science?