They have children. It is arguably the single most important skill for surviving in the modern world.
Society tells us this is the end of the story. The Course of Love In Edinburgh, a couple, Rabih and Kirsten, fall in love. Led by founder and series editor Alain de Botton, this is a library to educate, entertain, console, and transform us. And the answer lies in emotional intelligence. The School of Life Press was established in 2016 to bring together over a decade of research and insights from The School of Life’s content team. And it has been a disaster for love. Love has a history and we ride – sometimes rather helplessly – on its currents. Relationships Alain de Botton. He can be contacted by email directly via He is a writer of essayistic books, which refer both to his own experiences and ideas- and those of … Alain de Botton is a writer and television producer who lives in London and aims to make philosophy relevant to everyday life. Since around 1750, we have been living in a highly distinctive era in the history of love that we can call Romanticism. … Read more Emotional intelligence affects every aspect of the way we live, from romantic to professional relationships, from our inner resilience to our social success. Alain de Botton is a Swiss-born British philosopher and author. This is the question that The School of Life, founded by writer Alain de Botton, has been exploring for the past ten years. Relationships challenges the assumptions of the Romantic view of love. In fact, it is only the beginning.

De Botton’s first publication Essays in Love, which went on to sell two million copies.

The long-awaited and beguiling sequel to Essays in Love, The Course of Love charts the complex and intricate course of a long-term relationship. His books discuss various contemporary subjects and themes, emphasizing philosophy’s relevance to everyday life. They get married.