From Anarchist Black Cross Federation. تـوفـان آراز- در جـریـان جـنـگ داخـلـی اسـپـانـیـا یـک انـقـلاب اجـتـمـاعـی بـا خـصـلـت آنـارشـیـسـتـی در بـخـش اعـظـم آن کـشـور روی داد. Pour cela, consulter la page du « Générateur de livres » . This primary source documentation is made available for researchers to learn directly from movement anarchists, both their ideas and lives. Anarchist Library. Anarchist archives preserve records from the international anarchist movement in personal and institutional collections around the world. you are welcome to write to the mailing list (for a library) or to me directly (for a site) so we can discuss it and make it happen. Check out their latest announcement for their upcoming virtual letter writing event. Bibliothèque Anarchiste sur portable Même si ce site a une mise en page adaptative et accessible aux appareils mobiles, il n'a pas d'application mobile dédiée. Check out This months issue. Recently, The Anarchist Library website was unexpectedly offline for over a week of downtime. NYC Anarchist Black Cross has been promoting letter writing to political prisoners for many years and the COVD-19 pandemic has not slowed them down at all. The latest and greatest ATubes will always be there. Announcing ATubes Feburary 2009 - The Anarchist News newsletter: To commemorate the exciting developments at Anarchist News and in anarchodom around the world we have created a static page for the Anarchist News newsletter ATubes. Cependant, vous pouvez parcourir, chercher, télécharger et lire les textes depuis des applications de lecture pour appareils mobiles s'ils sont adaptés au protocole OPDS. If you want to create an anarchist library in a new or in an existing language, or even a small anarchist site where you would like to have the same set of features as the libraries (EPUB/PDF generation, bookbuilder, mirroring, etc.) 1.4K likes.

s de modifier la mise en page des PDFs et de créer des collections d’un nombre quelconque de textes (1 ou plus). We wanted to write a quick note and let you know that the library is back online as of a few days ago. ‎لطفا ما را در راه توسعه "کتابخانه آنارشیستی Anarchist Library " یاری رساندید‎