The Toronto artist’s choice to show his work at maximum full-screen size makes sure that all the super intricate details of his tiny sculptures are visible — the artist’s hand also appears frequently in the images, reminding the viewer of their scale. These graphic design portfolios hit all the right notes. Montreal artist Marie-Claude Lacroix displays her work in a carefully curated portfolio. The portfolio case may be a spine-mounted leather art portfolio (usually found in all good art retailers – see examples on Amazon) or a clear non-reflective clear file folder, for example.

Shares (Image credit: Velvet Spectrum) Page 1 of 2: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2 There are plenty of awe-inspiring design portfolios out there. The result will be a body of work with your own exciting style that has a through-line that will connect your individual pieces into a cohesive whole. Make your own online portfolio. And hopefully, I’ll be giving you some great examples of illustration portfolios that do just that. Creating stunning graphic design portfolios is a task open to interpretation.

It will not take hours poring through a thick manual; Artist Run Website provides quick easy tutorials just when they are needed. The people featured are a diverse bunch of writers, designers, developers, and filmmakers, but all have sites that do an excellent job of showing off their work to potential clients or employers.

According to professional concept artist Eliott Lilly, that’s the reaction your portfolio should evoke from the art directors standing between you and your next job. See more ideas about Portfolio examples, Art and Ap studio art. Ankush Tripathi on Jan 22, 2020 , 9 min read.

This means an online art and design portfolio is just as much a piece of art as the actual creations.

Take inspiration from the list of art portfolio samples that we have put together in this article so you can have a faster and easier time to develop your art portfolio. Artist Run Website in an uncomplicated, effective program that makes it easy for an artist, or anyone, to get their portfolio out on the web. Nowadays, artist websites remind one more piece of art. The Creative Art Class: Mark-Making & Drawing video download teaches you how to loosen up and add energy and expressiveness to your artwork. Artist Portfolio Website Examples. Artist Curtis Talwst Santiago keeps his portfolio extremely simple, putting the focus firmly on his sculptures and paintings.

The online portfolios are open to artists working in all disciplines who live and work in Baltimore City and its five surrounding counties.