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LinkedIn for Students: Top 5 Profile To-Do's.

• Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete. Employers want to see it as an evolving online CV.

One of the biggest benefits LinkedIn offers college students and job seekers is that they can check out the pages of their targeted employers. Many top brands are using LinkedIn as a way to find suitable candidates through job listings, and there are plenty of listings exclusive to LinkedIn. Tailoring Your Profile to Your Goals.

LinkedIn enables your peers to endorse your skills and write up recommendations, and you … 1. Top LinkedIn tips for students • Get LinkedIn in your first year at university. Profile Checklist: High School Students. LinkedIn for Students: Overview. Finding a Job or Internship. Getting ahead in any career is as much about who you know, as it is about what you know. Customer testimonials. The benefits of LinkedIn are almost endless with no downside to having a LinkedIn profile. Building a Student Profile. Once you have created your professional profile on LinkedIn, you can set email alerts to receive notifications of ... 2. Getting Job Email Alerts.

Building Your Personal Professional Brand. Communicating on LinkedIn. 7 Ways College Students Can Benefit from LinkedIn. Receive (and give) endorsements and testimonials. In our opinion, LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for students but to help convince you, here are the top five reasons why every student should be on LinkedIn: To build a strong network of professional contacts. Get involved in forums, join groups and meet like-minded individuals like yourself.