Charles Taylor, the convicted former Liberian president, will serve his 50-year sentence for war crimes in a British prison, the ministry of justice has confirmed. Phillip Taylor is Charles' son. In Monrovia, Gboko Stewart speaks with the son of convicted war criminal Charles Taylor. Charles Taylor Jr, otherwise known as ‘Chucky’, served as commander of Charles Taylor’s feared Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) that committed heinous atrocities including torture and massacres. The son of war crimes convict, former Liberian president Charles Taylor, has apologised to the Liberian people for atrocities he committed during the Liberian conflict. He was indentured on the 10th March 1796, paying the then huge premium of 70 Guineas. Son of ex-Liberian president Charles Taylor was sentenced to 97 years in prison today in landmark torture case that grew out of a US investigation into arms trafficking in Liberia.

In the mid 1830's he took his son, Thomas Terrett Taylor (Grimwade 3388) … He established his business in 1805 and became Free of the City of Bristol in 1812. His birthdate is not given, but he is in his late teens or early twenties. The son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor was sentenced Friday to 97 years in prison for torture overseas in the first U.S. case of its kind. Former Liberian President Charles Taylor ordered his militias to eat the flesh of captured enemies and U.N. soldiers, a former close aide testified on Thursday at Taylor's war crimes trial. Charles Taylor (Grimwade 3388) served his apprenticeship with the husband and wife partnership of John and Mary Tanner (Grimwade p.369). Gboko Stewart Updated Jul. 11, 2017 8:09PM ET / Published Sep. 27, 2013 5:45PM ET