espionage and c ounter-espionage that are integrated into a process formally known as the . APT Report gives Window into Russia's Cyber Espionage RUSSIA is "likely" sponsoring a hacking outfit that targets foreign governments and Security Agencies "APT28", a group operating for … intelligence cycle.

Beginning in 2006, 70 companies, governments, and non-profit organizations were hacked, and spies continued to take information for two years. We tend to associate cyber espionage such as IP theft with events like the theft of the F-35 joint strike fighter’s blueprints by the Chinese military. Cybercrime impacts nearly every location on the globe. Commercial space activities use cutting-edge technologies and produce valuable data and are, thus, targets for cyber espionage, including economic cyber espionage, and cybercrime. Introduction Sophisticated cyber-espionage operations aimed at stealing trade secrets and other sensitive data … Kill Chain - Reconnaissance • Target is analyzed and scoped to identify potential attack vectors • Open source Intelligence: • Social media, conferences, company …

Cybercrime cost the global economy as much as $600 billion in 2017. Cyber-Espionage Understanding the Advanced Threat Landscape 2.

New technologies and connections mean new threats to some countries and new opportunities to others. The first step to fighting it is understanding its scope and reach. McAfee… Furthermore, l ying and deception occur even within the ranks of well- • Espionage via hacking costs the US economy $400 billion per year (IP Commission, 2017) • Trade secret theft costs 1% and 3% of GDP, meaning that the cost to the $18 trillion U.S. economy is between $180 billion and $540 billion (IP Commission, 2017) • Espionage via cyber … Cyber Espionage 17. These ongoing cyber attacks were first reported … 1.