This short video gives an overview of deforestation and how it affects our rainforests and animals across the world. They absorb harmful carbon dioxide and produce 20% of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere. The Amazon Rainforest comp text. Contains video link.

Looks at both sides of arguments and could then lead into a class debate. Deforestation is the removal of a forest so that the land on which it stood may be put to another use. Powerpoint discussing the amazon rainforest and deforestation.

Suitable for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Early and 1st Level and 2nd level and Foundation level. Physical Education. Files included (4) Amazon Rainforest.

Deforestation is a massive problem across the whole world. The Amazon Rainforest comp MAHA. Teach your class facts about deforestation and its impact on the world with the help of our helpful PowerPoint for children.Rainforests are often known as the 'lungs of the Earth'. Deforestation occurs for a number of reasons (see below), the most common being the conversion of the once-forested land into farmland, either for growing crops or for keeping livestock. Preview and details. Key Stage 2 is a phase of primary education for pupils aged 7 to 11 in England and Wales. PSHE and Citizenship.

Modern Foreign Languages. Also contains comprehension activity linked to the text. Design and Technology.

This downloadable video gives a short overview to give children an understanding of the issues around chopping down these precious areas of rainforest. A film looking at the impact deforestation has on plants and nature.