Traffickers may target anyone who can be exploited in their own countries or abroad. 14 Elizabeth M. Wheaton, et al., Economics of Human Trafficking, 48 Int’l Migration 114 (2010); Siddharth Kara, Supply and Demand: Human Trafficking in the Global Economy , … The ILO report, Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labour, said two thirds of the estimated total of US$ 150 billion, or US$ 99 billion, came from commercial sexual exploitation, while another US$ 51 billion resulted from forced economic exploitation, including domestic work, agriculture and other economic activities. These Human Trafficking Indicators (HTI) identify human trafficking patterns from all four geographical areas of the trafficking process, source, transit, destination and internal. Concrete quantitative studies on human trafficking will help secure funds needed to combat human trafficking and direct these funds to groups in need. In some models, the supply side is composed of victims, and traffickers are the intermediaries between supply and demand (e.g., Omar Mahmoud and Trebesch, … The findings are disturbing. When foreigners are traf-ficked, we know that human trafficking flows broadly Human trafficking is an industry subject to supply and demand much like any other industry. Michigan Journal of International Law, 24(Summer), 1143 - 1163 . Elizabeth Wheaton Author: “The Economics of Human Rights” / Economics professor Dallas/Fort Worth Area 500+ connections Trafficking as a human rights violation: The complex intersection of legal frameworks for conceptualizing and combating trafficking. Instructor: Dr. Seth Norton, Professor of Business and Economics This course examines the history and effects of globalization throughout the world and with specific reference to Latin America. It pro-vides a detailed picture of the situation through solid anal-ysis and research. 7.1 Models of human trafficking. Diverting the help to people who need it the most is my main reason for doing this study. The Global Report on Trafficking in Persons does exactly this. Particularly with the world being connected it makes it easier for it to transform into this: … Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR) is an academic certificate program that integrates multidisciplinary coursework, a six-month internship, and whole-person formation through experiential learning. My goal is to reveal statistical relationships between socioeconomic indicators and the officially International human trafficking of women for commercial sexual exploitation (henceforth trafficking) is an economic activity in which organizations try to make profits. Trafficking has been identified as a form of modern-day slavery and is a worldwide problem which has grown rapidly in the last decades. Economics of Human Trafficking Making it a profitable enterprise for individuals who assist in the exploitation of men, women, and children.

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