[3] She was the eldest of the four children of the Reverend Frederick and Louisa Sophia Cavell and was taught always to share with the less fortunate, despite her family’s meagre income. Stay safe and healthy. Edith Cavell’s Railway Van During the First World War, the execution of the British nurse Edith Cavell by Germany proved to be one of the most controversial moments of the conflict. Mount Edith Cavell in the Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada is a tribute to her. Edith Cavell became a national heroine, a martyr used by the Allies for patriotic propaganda - inspiring thousands to join the war effort and helping convince America to give up its neutral status and enter the war. For photographs of a memorial service to Edith Cavell, held on the slopes of the Mountain in 1931 click here. Born in 1865 near Norwich, Edith Cavell was the eldest of four children. The carriage also repatriated the body of nurse Edith Cavell to Norwich and the remains of the unknown warrior who is now famously interred in Westminster Abbey. MS soldiers marching with guns pointed downwards. High angled shot women in military uniforms marching along sea front road - probably in Dover, Kent. The carriage famously carried the Unknown Warrior, as well as other notable First World War figures, from Dover so that they could be buried in London. IWM Archive - NURSE EDITH CAVELL 1865-1915 (SP 2822) - Funeral procession of Nurse Cavell in Dover. London has a fine 1920 statue of Edith Cavell by Sir George Frampton near Trafalgar Square and a Cavell Street in Whitechapel. Revealed: New evidence that executed wartime nurse Edith Cavell's network was spying. Funeral procession of Nurse Cavell in Dover. Edith Cavell was born on 4 December 1865 [2] in Swardeston, a village near Norwich, where her father was vicar for 45 years. The Cavell Van transported the repatriated body of Captain Fryatt to London in 1919 and then on to Dovercourt where he is now buried. [2] After a period as a governess, including for a family in Brussels … Jun 13, 2016 - The coffin of nurse Edith Cavell landing in Dover for a reburial in Norwich Cathedral. Tomorrow what is mortal of Edith Cavell will be brought to Dover, and will be taken to Norwich Cathedral for reburial, resting on the way at Westminster Abbey to receive the nation’s tribute to her On 13 May 1919 Edith Cavell’s body, conveyed on a gun carriage through crowd-lined streets of Brussels, was brought to Dover. Nice shot row of nurses & military women saluting. See more. Edith Cavell’s character continues to fascinate today. Jun 13, 2016 - The coffin of nurse Edith Cavell landing in Dover for a reburial in Norwich Cathedral. Intertitle reads: "A solemn service at the Abbey and reverent and silent crowds was London's tribute to Edith Cavell - Nurse and Martyr". In France and Belgium, Edith was a popular name for girls born after her execution, Edith Piaf among them.