Art, they say, is great for kids.

These specialist schemes are vital, but they do not reach everyone, which is why the government has focused on improving the quality of arts education in schools. So I propose we get rid of “art” education and replace it with something that is crucial ... instead of talking about culture and self-expression, we have to focus on the … Education is the basic building block in the human life for shaping his future. Like education should give priority to students own choice and provide them scope according ly. Art, they say, is great for kids. 1 Answer. Some have restored art and music after a decade without them.
Let’s get rid of Art Education in schools. Music is sidelined too, ... Feversham Primary in Bradford recently made headlines for its focus on teaching the arts, ... teachers say not enough resources for arts education. Art and music programs help keep them in school, make them more committed, enhance collaboration, strengthen ties to the community and to peers, improve motor and spatial and language skills. The Importance of Art, Music & Phys Ed in Elementary School. Without music and the Arts, the world will be filled with so many “dull Jacks”, mental depression will skyrocket, and many associated health problems will come to the fore. It’s not just art. 10 Salient Studies on the Arts in Education A fine arts education — including music, theater, drawing, painting, or sculpture — whether in practice or theory, has been a part of any well-rounded curriculum for decades — but that may be changing. It should depend on student’s choice. Apart from the main stream subjects other subjects such as music and art are also being added in the curricular . It is refuted that music and art should be removed from the school syllabus. "We're preparing kids for jobs. We're preparing them to be citizens.

Music, art, theater—gone for so many. The third is as important as the other two." And we're teaching them to be human beings who can enjoy the deeper forms of beauty. While increasing focus on reading, writing and mathematics at the elementary school level over the past 20 years, programs in art, music and physical education have been cut, leaving students with few … It's not like that education should focus completely on music and art or maths and science. Why Art and Creativity Are Important ... cofounder and executive director of Church Street School for Music and Art, ... deputy director for education at the Children's Museum of Manhattan. 10 Reasons Why Arts in Education Is so Important ... we’ve all seen the trend of schools cutting the arts from their curriculum. "When you think about the purposes of education, there are three," Horne says. debate against the motion- education should focus on science and maths rather than arts and music - 11488805 Variety of subjects are taught to the children during school days. There’s no doubt that the ... Children need to know more about the world than just what they can learn through text and numbers. For many, of course, music, art and theater will be perfect applications.