Emergency nurses are in demand because their specialized skills, efficiency, and steady nerves are a few of the many qualities that make them a valuable asset to any emergency department. "New York Med" nurse Katie Duke was fired for posting a scene from the emergency room on her Instagram page. Required education. Emergency Nursing: Everything You Need to Know About Being an ER Nurse. Another skill is problem solving as the ER nurse will need to be able to make decisions regarding a patient's care. New York-Presbyterian Hospital pulled the plug on a reality-TV nurse … ER nurse poses for selfie with Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, then learns mayor might be infected Whether you’re a nurse or a mayor, old habits die hard. Recently a nurse who was asked to care for Coronavirus patients, quit her job in fear of the virus and did so on Instagram Live! ... Connect with Rasmussen College on Instagram. She also is a breast cancer survivor, and may have a weakened immune system. Try working as a floating nurse in your hospital’s emergency room or assisting teams of paramedics to acquire applicable experience. Connect with Rasmussen College on … An ER nurse told us she was exposed to the coronavirus and has symptoms but still can't get tested, and it highlights both America's crippling inequality and its broken healthcare system Allana Akhtar An ER nurse should have two years of experience in an ER environment as well as a Bachelor's or Associate's degree in nursing. One of the most important skills that an ER nurse will have is the ability to stay calm under pressure. The nurse who is named Melissa, is a 31-year-old mother of five children. An Emergency Nurse takes care of patients in a wide range of situations, from fevers, to minor injuries and major trauma.