An effective film and television personal statement should include a breakdown of your skills, achievements and ambitions. You should appear authentic and a good communicator. Top media / film studies personal statement tips for your language style should be: clear, professional, and enthusiastic - and don’t go mad with a thesaurus. Sample Film and Television Personal Statement. Film and Media Personal Statement . During my lifetime, the way in which media is produced and consumed has changed in leaps and bounds. Download Our Personal Statement Form. Fill in the questions and at the end you will have a statement ready to paste into your UCAS application, or to use as an attachment if you are applying directly to SAE. Media/Film/TV/Theatre Personal Statement 1. Film Personal Statement Example Sample Statement . Reading a film studies personal statement, university tutors are looking for confident, committed, curious and clever students, so read on for some tips for writing your film and media studies personal statement. I have always been fascinated by every aspect of film, from the way in which various creative industries interact in the process of production to the way in which they are received by the audience and the impact they can have on … Friends and teachers are great resources when it comes to much-needed media studies and communication personal statement editing help. To me it’s a really exciting time that I want to be involved in, and through this statement I wish to show my personal drive, commitment and suitability to study this subject at a high academic level. Just swap and give each other some … I feel that this quotation really applies to my desire for success in the Media Industry. I discovered my interest in Film and Media when I fist had Media as a subject: that one lesson weekly made me feel I was studying something that has a direct impact on my life. It was somewhat like discovering little secrets of both the media industry and filmmaking, which most people in this media-orientated world do not even realise. Sample Media Personal Statement. To help you write your personal statement, download and complete our handy form. The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly" - Cecil B DeMille. For most students the thought of doing a degree that involves breaking out the popcorn and sitting on the sofa watching films is pretty appealing, but studying Film is harder than you think and you have to get onto the course first. When I was born television was the cutting-edge medium, largely offering shows produced by and containing professional actors and broadcasting professionals. Media studies personal statement example “There is a revolution in media which has been sweeping the advanced countries of the world in highly significant ways.