But I hope you can stomach just one more, because a colleague (thanks, Jen!) It’s no longer enough to depend on the age-old resume. The entry-level package includes an executive resume delivered in multiple formats and digitally stored for future access, a value proposition letter, executive thank you letter template, and three Bestselling guidebooks. The key words here are relevancy, currency and experience. Predicting the Future of the Resume. These are three predictions about the future of recruiting that Accenture’s former Global Head of Recruiting who recently joined Delta Air Lines, Jennifer Carpenter, shared at … Do not believe us? By now you've probably had it up to here with predictions and what-to-expect articles for the new year. Video Resumes are the next big thing in hiring because they offer a lot to the recruiters. If that is not an option, and to avoid walking home with a box of paper resumes, setup a “quick apply” kiosk at your booth where career fair attendees can just leave some basic information and then receive follow-up emails to provide more information in the future. They have become digital now. The resume of the future will be short (single page) and highly targeted to a specialty rather than be a list of unrelated jobs you did since high school. recently alerted me to an article on resume trends by career expert Louise Kursmark. We share four ideas for data-driven hiring and why intelligent assessments are the way forward. Although a bit pricey, it’s a much better value than purchasing just a resume via the a la carte. They can avoid their travelling cost and AI can help them find the right profile among a bunch of wrong ones. Resumes will vanish, machines will drive gender diversity, and recruiting for something called “LQ” will be the next big thing. We share four ideas for data-driven hiring and why intelligent assessments are the way forward. If you make … You can also hand out “job cards” printed with your career website address and your most needed job functions. Hi, The activities of recruitment and hiring have modified from the past. Since the point of a resume is to communicate what you have done so as to inform a potential employer of what you can do, the message needs to be straightforward and comprehensible.