Twitter. After the debate, "the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world" had shrunk by a massive margin and there were hardly any undecided voters. The (Catholic) church, as far as I know, has not endorsed any war as just since it supported General Franco's invasion of Spain to destroy the Spanish republic with a Muslim mercenary army in the thirties, on the side of Hitler. A Catholic Bishop and Catholic politician were not only unable to convince the audience of their position, but they weren't even able to convince them the Catholic Church was even good in the face of what Hitchens and Fry had to say. Facebook. Christopher Hitchens: Catholic Church Wants 'Wiggle Room' For Rape And Torture Of Children (VIDEO) Author and journalist Christopher Hitchens appeared on "Real Time With Bill Maher" Friday and slammed the Catholic church for it's handling of the "rape and torture of children."

Hitchens’ suggestion that 'Henry’s defiance of papal authority over control of the national church was no greater' than that of Louis XIV of France seems far from self-evidently true, given that the eldest daughter of the Church remained Catholic long after Louis was dead. This article by Anne Nicol Gaylor originally appeared on Freedom From Religion Foundation. Hitler the Catholic. Hitchens' Hubris The following article is a review of the recent book god Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens. The first legislative hearing I ever attended was in the mid-1960’s at the Wisconsin capital, and the subject was the modernization of Wisconsin’s birth control law. Hitler in front of “Church of our Lady” in Nuremberg, September, 1934. Print . Christopher Hitchens Quotes About Church Quotes about: Church.