Depends how quickly you write legibly. Let’s hope I don’t flop too badly. Hours is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 8 points. Hours is a 5 letter medium Word starting with H and ending with S. Below are Total 19 words made out …

1 decade ago 1500 is possible, but if your wanting to think as you write, and correct mistakes, you will need to lower that. level 2 Then you would write roughly 1800-2400 words in an hour. Some days you may writer slower, or after the first burst you may slow down so each subsequent half-hour produces fewer words. We also need to … Also depends on WHAT you're writing, I can't write an essay of more than 1000 words without taking a break.

Generally, there are 300 words per typed double-spaced page, using a 12 point font.

But, as I said, depends on the topic. However, writing a thousand words about writing a thousand words is a failure if I don’t actually write a thousand words. We need to count words if we are writing for a publication that asks us to stay within a set number of words. The purpose is to document a case study of myself actually writing 1000 words in an hour. Lets say you roughly write 30-40 words a minute, which is a word every 1.5-2 seconds. I would say between 500 to 1000 max- … I don’t know… just because you can write 400 or so words per hour doesn’t mean you can write double that in two or triple in three hours. I would say, easily, more than 1000-2000 words. You can use Word to count how many words you have written in a document.
You may be a sprinter.