[Poster]. The point of references is to give an indication that you’ve done due diligence in reading the literature. To be made up of: Artist (if known, or use title).

The following should help: No author is given use [Anon.] If no author is identifiable, start the reference with the title of the poster, followed by the year. Number all Figures in the order they first appear in the text. Additionally, the title of the conference as well as date and location should be incorporated. Harvard style citations for conference presentations should include the last name and first initial of the speaker followed by the year of presentation. Refer to them in the text by their number. Audiences will rarely want to copy down the references to check up on them, which is often a major point of references in a paper. There will be instances where some of the information that you need to reference an item proves elusive. Title (in italics). This tends to happen with older publications and also some electronic sources. The title of the presentation should be added using italics. No date of publication is given use [n.d.] No place of publication is given (sine loco) use [s.l.] A poster designed to act as quick and easy guide to the Harvard system of referencing. 1,2,3. and captioned (described), place caption directly under the image. Figure 1. or Fig.1 or Figs. A poster is not intended to be a complete literature review. Exhibited at. Figures must be referred to in the main body of the text. Dimensions (if relevant and available). Year (in round brackets).

Figures need to be numbered e.g. Reference Format. Location and date(s) of exhibition.