The most popular abbreviation for Paragraph is: PARA APA All Acronyms. In my version of word (2007 (I stick with what works)): Go to the ribbon. 2020. They look at each individual word or simple short phrase and will exchange them for a random synonym; the problem is that many words mean different things depending on the context in which they are being used. It will read “Before 0pt, After 10pt” Change that to 0 and 0. Click that.

Go to spacing. These different software programs can reword a paragraph but they do it the easiest way. “I struggle to shorten my essay without ruining it.” If your thoughts are similar to that, we will try to help you solve this problem.

Just highlight the content you wish to have reduced in length and select copy, then past it into the box. To illustrate how you can reduce the word count in your paper without impairing its integrity, we will: How to abbreviate Paragraph? Long sentences can be dangerous. The abbreviation for paragraph is a symbol ( ). In this post, we write about six ways to shorten your sentences and improve your writing. [: To shorten the English essay, you put it at the end of your introduction paragraph. Either or par. To the APA uses para. The professor marked the spelling errors in paragraph three of the essay. 3 ways to abbreviate Paragraph updated 2020.

Antago instructed us to write at least six detailed paragraphs about the recent flooding and how it affected our families. Asked in Literary Terminology What is the name for the word that starts off a paragraph ? Paragraph.Retrieved May 22, 2020, from

Our paragraph shortener could not be any easier to employ. To the right of “paragraph” is a small arrow square thing. When our sentences are too long, we tend to lapse into the passive voice and we risk making tense and punctuation mistakes. I use pgh. If you really want to impress people, you can use the official abbreviation for "paragraph", which isn't a word—it's a special character that looks like this: On many computers, you can type this character by holding the Alt key, then typing this on the number keypad: 0182 The word paragraph functions as a …