Nebraska had 25 reported cases in 2019, the majority of which were sex trafficking cases. Chat with us in … Females were the primary target of sex trafficking, mostly adults but some minors were involved as well. In 2019, its owners were arrested on prostitution charges, which was part of a larger investigation on the role of human trafficking in massage parlors. The United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking—comprising survivor leaders presidentially appointed to advise the Executive Branch on anti-trafficking policies—defined “survivor-informed” in its 2019 annual report as the incorporation of survivor expertise from inception through development and completion of efforts relating to all forms of anti-trafficking work. The State Department’s 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report found the Department of Justice opened significantly fewer human trafficking investigations in 2018 compared to … By Nell Lewis, CNN ... Mon January 7, 2019 . UN human trafficking report: Record number of girls reported as victims . Follow CNN . Some of the main centers of trafficking in Nebraska are With a human trafficking rate of 4.2 victims per 100,000 people, Nebraska has the fourth-highest human trafficking rate in the United States.