JENNY HOLZER TRUISMS, "EXPIRING FOR LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL BUT STUPID", 1994. Now in Paperback Jenny Holzer gained widespread recognition when texts from her Truisms series appeared on a vast electronic advertising board overlooking Times Square. Holzer's initial public works from the late 1970s, known as "Truisms," are still among her most famous. The nearly three hundred aphorisms and slogans utilize a series of modern clichés or commonly held truths. jenny holzer.


the work of jenny holzer has been shown worldwide in prominent institutions such as the guggenheim museum (new york), the american pavilion at the venice biennale (venice, italy), the institute of contemporary art london (london, england) or the centre pompidou (paris, france). Jenny Holzer: Merchandise . The art lies in getting the words out there. RAW Editions. Hauser & Wirth has joined forces with Jenny Holzer on a very special fundraising initiative to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on 22 April 2020. £295. "Jenny Holzer" (interview), New Art International, February-March 1988, pp. Conception and execution. Her first large-scale electronic sign was a work that read 'Protect Me From What I Want' on a spectacolor board in New York's Times Square, 1982. Arts Limited. 50-53 Michael Brenson, "Media Artist Named to Represent U.S. at '90 Venice Biennale," New York Times, July 27, 1988. pp C15, C17 Michael Brenson, "Jenny Holzer: The Message is the Message," The New York Times, August 7, 1988, pp.

Holzer is creating a limited-edition print in an edition of 100, featuring one of her iconic Truisms – ‘ALL ... where her Truisms were seen on an electronic signboard above Times Square. So her Truisms have been projected in public spaces, worn as T-shirts, placed on gallery walls, plaques, stickers and postcards and more. Holzer has printed these snappy maxims on billboard placards, on illuminated displays (including grand landmark settings from early-‘80s Times Square to 21 st-century football stadiums), on stickers and T-shirts—in 2016, R&B vocalist/alt-rapper Frank Ocean wore a Truisms tee in the video for his track Nikes, prompting a new rush on its designs.

Throughout her career, Holzer has intrigued audiences by placing her provocative messages in unexpected contexts, including posters, metal plaques, stone benches, electronic signs, television spots and Web sites.

Jenny Holzer’s Truisms (1977-79) are some of her most well-known works. Holzer ... like her installations in Times Square. Buy Now. ... "Times Square Show", 1980, Poster/Paste-Up, Silkscreen/Hand Colored on ... Jenny Holzer. Jenny Holzer. Truisms [Abuse of Power Comes as no Surprise], After 1994. Jenny Holzer, Truisms, 1977-9 displayed at Times Square, 1982 For Jenny Holzer the work lies in the words rather than the particular way in which they are disseminated. Buy Now. Insights. Make Offer.