Beyond Google Classroom – Using Classroom as a Rostering and Assignment Workflow Solution If your district uses tools like BrainPOP, Khan Academy, Newsela, Pear Deck, and many more , your teachers have a lot of platforms to juggle, all of which rely on their class rosters in order to be effective. As a Google Apps for Education admin, it would be really useful to see all the classrooms that have been created in your deployment. Additional information such as Active or Archived classes and assignments set up by the teacher in the last 30 days. This GoogleApps Script does just that. Teachers and Students – gives a list view of all teachers assigned as Teachers in Google Classrooms or Students assigned to a classroom. It will made a Sheet in your Drive called “Class Listing” which will contain a list of all the Classrooms you have permission to view (superadmins can we all of them).