2.3 Prediction of counselors' Big Five personality. A community for discussion and news related to Natural Language Processing (NLP).. Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages, and, in particular, concerned with programming computers to fruitfully process large natural language corpora. ... apache personality-profile personality-insights ibm-watson-api ffm mining-software-repositories psychometrics liwc big-five-model five-factor-model Updated Apr 5, 2020; … It consists of 44 items and asks respondents to rate on a five-point scale ranging from Disagree Strongly to Agree Strongly the extent to which they endorse each of the statements. To this end, we compare the use of ‘free’ Facebook text with controlled text elicited from visual stimuli in descriptive and referential tasks. Consistent with findings based on research in face-to-face classes, Conscientiousness, Openness to Experience, and Analytic Thinking were associated with academic success. The experiments in this study were based on the correlation between LIWC features and the BIG Five Personality traits. The Relations Between Personality and Language Use. Big five trait scores for 307,313 people from many different countries. The Big Five Inventory (BFI;John, Donahue, & Kentle, 1991). The Big Five personality The training data of the prediction model was the posts from 547 active Chinese Sina Weibo users and their self‐rated personality assessed by 44‐item Big Five Inventory (BFI‐44). public class PersonalityRecognizer extends java.lang.Object. Personnel Psychology , 58, 2, 447‐478. A personality prediction model trained by machine learning algorithms was used (L. Li et al., 2014). Count (LIWC) lexicon [22]: negative emotion (negemo), positive emotion (posemo), anger, anxiety, and certainty. Five personality traits and the Big Six vocational interest types. Personality. We used the IBM Watson Personality Insights service[23] to infer the Big Five personality traits [24] from the entire corpus of text written by each user . ... Big Five factor. This paper investigates which Big Five personality traits are best predicted by different text genres, and how much text is actually needed for the task. Table 3, p. 463 of this paper now shows a “true” correlation of 0.52 instead of 0.26. The relations between the Five Factor Model of Personality (FFM) and linguistic styles with measures of academic performance in fully online asynchronous classes were examined. The BFI is a widely used measure of the FFM and yields measures of five broad dimensions of personality. Several experiments were conducted using Convote U.S. Congressional- Speech dataset with seven benchmark classification algorithms.