During the first seven years, seven pastors or seminarians served the congregation. However, fifty years ago, there was nothing but a wish for a Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod to be established in the Gonzalez-Cantonment area. M. Krause (1992-1997), Rev. The NALC is a fast-growing Christian church in the Lutheran tradition, uniting more than 142,500 Lutherans in more than 430 congregations across North America. A.H. Constein (1927-1943), Rev. The Lutheran Church also permitted church members to play an active role in religious services, including allowing the congregation to profess their love of God through song. Kenneth Hoover (2003 - present). W. Rose (1966-1970), Rev. The Lutheran Church in the nineteenth Century was divided into many small, competing synod, and the Ohio Synod was theologically conservative and struggling to preserve the German identity of its members. The History of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod dates back to 1847 when Saxon and other German immigrants established a new church body in America. Apparently, the Allegheny Synod (PA) seemed too “liberal” and too “American” for some of the Lutherans of Tyrone. A Brief History of Trinity Lutheran Church Cantonment, FL. K. Licht (1971-1977), Rev.

Today, Trinity Lutheran Church stands proudly off Highway 29 in Cantonment, Florida, with services held every Sunday. Brief History of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church The history of our congregation is a history of God's goodness and grace to us over the years. Keiper (1944-1951), Rev.

M. Rothe (1951-1957), Rev. Immanuel Lutheran church has been served by ten pastors: Rev.

The Beginning. History.

Zion Lutheran Church was organized officially on July 31, 1917 under the direction of the missions board of the East Pennsylvania Synod. Massive immigration from traditionally Lutheran countries had started, and between 1840 and 1875 alone 58 Lutheran synods were formed in the U.S. H. Beck (1959-1965), Rev. By the late 1800s the 20 or so Lutheran church bodies that would eventually merge to become The American Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Church in America had been established. Home > History.

V.M. In the late 1950s Pastor Eldor Mueller of Messiah Lutheran Church in Sterling, Illinois, found that he was serving more and more people in the Rock Falls area. Douglas Fleischfresser (1998 - 2002), and Rev. In essence, Lutheranism was a much more democratic religious faith than Roman Catholicism. R. Hackler (1977-1991), Rev. The NALC embodies the theological center of Lutheranism in North America and stands firmly within the global Lutheran mainstream. A History of Trinity Lutheran Church, Clarks Summit, PA Building the Church (1926 – 1941) In 1926, there was no place in the Abingtons (Clarks Summit, PA and surrounding communities) for people of the Lutheran faith to Worship.