For this, you will need to work with an editor before you even begin submitting your book to publishing houses. For complete customization, use your own design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Aperture 3, or Adobe InDesign (free trials are available for download at the company’s sites). The most difficult part of creating a portfolio is selecting the shots. Remember that regardless of the theme, you should ensure a consistent colour balance and quality throughout the set of work. Step 7. First and foremost, you are creating a book that will be printed, that you can hold in your hands, that you can give to friends, family, photography enthusiasts who can behold your work in all it's visual glory presented as it should be, on paper. However, having your own software isn’t necessary to make a customized and professional-looking book.
If you are looking to mix up types and styles of shots, make sure you have a valid reason for doing so. Create a Facebook Photo Book with your brightest Facebook moments in just few seconds! Make sure the work that is in the book is work you’re proud of and can speak about. They are required to make adjustments and manipulations to some prior to going to print, so this reinforces their learning from early in the year. Flip through the pages of a stylish photo album with your best Facebook shots. As my class photography final I make them create a book designed from their best photos that they took this year. Choosing the Shots .

The iPad is a good supplement for tear sheets and personal work. However, with today's modernity being dictated by technology, you do of course have the option to present it online as an ebook. Your book will need an introduction, captions for all of the pictures, essays in between photographs, and even indexes, photography credits and a bibliography.