Alberta Government Admission Certificate (Form 1) Mental Health Act Section 2 Print Modified on: Thu, 3 May, 2018 at 9:49 AM You are hereby ordered to return the formal patient to (name and address of facility). Background. The plaintiff, who was involuntarily detained and treated at Foothills Hospital for nine months, disputed his detention and challenged the constitutionality of several provisions of the Mental Health Act . The declaration of mental competence will apply only for the purposes of the Act. About this survey. A court has ruled sections of Alberta's Mental Health Act are unconstitutional after reviewing the case of a Calgary man who was confined in hospital and medicated without his consent. Thank you for your interest. Mental Health and Illness. Mental Health Act Survey. Mental health is a priority for this new Alberta government, as evidenced by the creation of an Associate Minister position for Mental Health and Addictions. [2] A person’s mental health can have a significant impact on his or her behaviour before, during, and after a misconduct incident. For example, there are questions regarding holding people who have not been charged with a crime against their will, and the rights of people to make their own treatment decisions. Those seeking specific legal advice or assistance should always contact a lawyer. However, this case highlights several important issues in mental health law and its resolution could result in significant reforms to Alberta’s Mental Health Act, RSA 2000, c-13. There may be some personal discomfort with the content of certain questions. The Mental Health Act of Alberta: A Guide for Consumers and Caregivers was written to help you understand your rights within the Act. This survey is closed.
Admission certificates (or renewal certificates) expire on (date) . While the preceding areas are relatively structured and have associated rules and guidelines, they can become complicated when issues of mental health arise. Mental Health Act Section 20(4) or 21(1) To all or any peace officers in Alberta: (name of formal patient), a formal patient, is absent without leave pursuant to the Mental Health Act. The Mental Health Act says that a person is mentally competent to make decisions about their own treatment if they understand what the treatment is and what it should do for them. Although the information in this publication is about legal issues, it should not be seen as providing legal advice.

Psychologists are the experts in assisting individuals and families to manage mild to complex behavioural, psychological, and mental health issues related to family function, situational challenges, and/or mental illness. It is intended as self-advocacy information only.