Get an answer for 'The significance of the symbol Wolfshiem's "finest specimens of human molars" Just need help with this on a essay. The character with human molars for cuff-links is Meyer Wolfsheim, one of Gatsby's underworld connections. Apparently you don't have to be high class to benefit from your wealth. It seems as though Meyer is a tad uncomfortable and is always on guard in case anything that he thinks is alarming happens. Asked by maria e #757531 on 3/9/2018 8:31 PM Last updated by jill d #170087 on 3/9/2018 8:38 PM Answers 1 Add Yours. What are some quotes by Meyer Wolfsheim? QUOTE: Answered by jill d #170087 on 3/9/2018 8:38 PM “This is a nice restaurant here,” said Mr. Wolfsheim, looking at the Presbyterian nymphs on the ceiling. Beyond the fact that he's a business associate and a friend of Gatsby's, all we know is that he's an inhabitant of New York's seedy underworld and a dead ringer for real-life Arnold Rothstein: the man who really did fix the 1919 World Series—one of Meyer Wolfsheim's impressive accomplishments (4.118-118). One of Wolfsheim's notable characteristics is his wearing of cuff-links … Meyer Wolfsheim fixed the World Series, an enormous crime that Nick thinks is like "a burglar blowing a safe." Later on, after Wolfsheim leaves, Gatsby reveals to Nick that Meyer was the man who fixed the 1919 World Series. We don't know a lot about Meyer Wolfsheim – and we're not supposed to. But the burglar gets caught; Wolfsheim uses his wealth and underworld connections to stay squeaky clean. This proves Meyer's criminal background, and the fact that he is not in jail, shows how tricky he is. quotes.