Of the world's 20 most populous countries, Egypt has the biggest weight problem. Sep 12, 2018. With obesity rate growing rapidly in the whole world, take a look at the most obese countries in Europe.Obesity is becoming one of the most serious health problems around the globe. Tucked away between Sicily and the coast of North Africa, Malta is one of Southern Europe’s most underappreciated countries. The least obese countries in world have obesity rates lower than 2%. While most governments in European countries are attempting to tackle the obesity problems that affect their populations, it is possible to handle this health issue at an individual level. The five least obese … Credit: Getty - Contributor Which countries are the most overweight and obese?. List of the Most Obese … Ten fattest countries in Europe. Obesity Rates Across Europe.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Obesity Population Report. The 3 Most Obese Nations in Europe Turkey. ... At 27.8%, the percentage of the UK population who are obese is lower only than that of Turkey, at 32.1%, and Malta, with 28.9%. The WHO says 13 per cent of the world’s adult population is obese and 39 per cent overweight. List of countries by body mass index. The data for … The Top 10 Fattest Countries in Europe ... 59 percent of European adults in 2014 were overweight or obese, putting the region just behind the Americas, whose rates are at 61 percent. With an obesity rate of 28.90%, it is the most obese nation in Europe, even though these numbers aren’t high by world standards.To put things into perspective, countries such as American Samoa and Tokelau have obesity rates of nearly 75%. Rankings of Obesity Rates by Country.