Educate teens about the financial benefits of taking a job in nursing.

The job of a school nurse consists of much more than tending to scraped knees and administering medication. Making a Book. While some kids know what nurses do, many don’t have a real understanding of the job and duties. Drawing and writing paper: Encourage children to draw and color a nurse and write letter N n. < Coloring pages > nurse 1 (featured left) and nurse 2 (dramatic play) Printable Craft > Nurse Craft at > This is printable craft assembled with a toilet paper tube.

Be it solar energy, hotel management or 20th century art; formulate interesting multiple choice questions. remya k.g, Infection control nurse at Health Care Service Corporation NICE 8 years ago Reply Nurses work with doctors and other health care workers to make patients well (not sick) and to keep them healthy. Registered Nurse in some countries like U.S is a term for an officially registered nurse. But, letting the kids talk ended up being a great thing for the presentation and kept everyone engaged. Yet this is a critical skill for nurse leaders, who often have to present their ideas or new initiatives to staff or higher levels of management. Bring in books (Dr. Scharmaine Baker’s Nola the Nurse books are great for the younger kids) and coloring pages. Knowledge Quiz. Before and straight after your presentation you can quiz your audience about your topic through Sendsteps Audience Response System.

For instance, detail how a nurse could help when a teenager comes in to the emergency room after a car wreck. Leadership is all about communication. You might find this resource helpful when teaching about germs, handwashing, tooth brushing and more! The job of a school nurse consists of much more than tending to scraped knees and administering medication. is recognizable by the fact that the cap has two black stripes.. 4) Show Fun Examples of Work. Above all, plan and prepare as thoroughly as possible, but if your presentation goes wrong - do not panic. The National Association of School Nurses membership is a must for anyone who is a school nurse or training to enter that field.

The nurse can answer questions the children have and also ask questions and make suggestions to the children about habits to stay healthy.

Her closing remarks made my jaw drop: “Please email me if your student is going through something major. In hospitals where nurses wear uniforms with caps, an R.N. For example, there is a strong correlation between presentation skills and self-esteem. Some teens already have jobs while in high school, and they might find that a good salary encourages them to take a position in nursing. 2013 Apr 18 - Free nursing template for PowerPoint with a nurse background that you can download and use for your health PowerPoint presentations Stay safe and healthy. May 23, 2019 - Explore diversitynurse's board "Nurse Crafts", followed by 1506 people on Pinterest. Bring in a small stethoscope and scale and have the kids try to guess what ails their patients. Jun 20, 2015 - Most elementary and secondary schools have a nurse on staff. See more ideas about Nurse crafts, Nurse gifts and Nurse humor. Finish up the lesson by having the children look through magazines to find anything doctor, nurse, health related. An effective presentation can have a very positive impact in helping you as a leader to achieve your goals. I played the kids a bunch of TV ads to demonstrate ways you can sell your product, including some classics from the past: Life Cereal: “Mikey Likes It” Toys R Us: “I’m a Toys R Us Kid” Ms Rose adds that the advantages of developing good presentation skills can improve other areas of your working life.