The same should be true for Fixed Layout EPUB. There are always trade-offs. InDesign will automatically embed all fonts when exporting the file provided that this is permitted by the vendor’s licensing conditions.

But that's only for live text on a page. As a person with 42 years in the printing publishing industry If you are not going to have any changes. Hi Thea, if you need a word in the Bello font in outline vector paths the best tools to fix the issues come with Adobe Illustrator.

In other cases, text is converted for creative intent. Reply Giorgio As you can read from experienced professionals and InDesign instructors, creating outlines is not a solution designed for large pdf documents and doing so will cause other problems related to the quality of the document. Regarding the embedding of fonts, you can "Create outlines" of the text if it's an uncommon font that you think won't convert properly in a PDF. Exporting to HTML is an easy way to get your InDesign content into web-ready form. See this: Re: Indesign and SVG. All versions that are able to work with the Publish Online feature are able to export live text to SVG shapes (outlined text) as part of a Publish Online document.

To make sure that all fonts are included when exporting your artwork as PDF, go to the Advanced tab in the Export window of InDesign. Font and Transparency Fonts, transparencies and other effects used in vector format softwares (Illustrator and InDesign) must be flattened and the fonts outlined. Export all text from InDesign in a single file (plugin) To export all the stories to a single document you need to use a plugin called Text Exporter. It works exactly like the script mentioned above, but after the export all the stories are contained in a single document. A few years back, I wrote up a relatively easy hack that generated a lot of interest and excitement, because it allowed InDesign users to convert all text to outlines while exporting to PDF (or, god forbid, EPS), but still leaving you with editable text in your InDesign document.

I'm just about to export a brochure for printing in InDesign (CS4) What is the correct way to export the document so that the fonts used throughout will display properly at the printers. Not flattening transparencies or outlining fonts may result in some text or graphics dropping out from your artwork.

This feature is also handy if you share files with other people using InDesign who may not have the same font loaded on their computer. Exporting fonts from InDesign. Text is converted to outlines in InDesign for various reasons. 1001 Free Fonts offers a huge selection of free Outline Fonts for Windows and Macintosh. Download 486 Free Outline Fonts. One is that it allows the InDesign file to be output without system fonts being installed. Simply go to the "Type" dropdown menu > "Create Outline."

Maybe you'd even need not to convert the text to vector paths to achieve the desired design when using Adobe Illustrator instead of InDesign.

When you export content to HTML, you can control how text and images are exported. Use Adobe PDF options to export to PDF in InDesign > Font embedding and substitution . Export all text from InDesign to Word.
For indesign, this case is true, but indesign was created with an ability to flatten files when exporting, that negates the need to outline fonts. I have used create outlines in the past, but just read that using create outlines is unsuitable particularly for body text… With the Selection Tool, choose the text frame to be converted, then go to the Type menu and select Create Outlines.

The problem is that this stopped working in CS5. YES BY ALL MEANS. InDesign CS3 was the last version that could export to SVG.