I have to do a two minute speech for my AP 11 english class. 4. As I was younger I was always moving locations, didn’t have many friends and was not the biggest kid in school, so for some reason I would get bullied or trouble would just find its way. I already have them, but are they good? In the bag, place three objects which represents your life in its past, present, and future. Unlike the information found in the textbook, you will have THREE visual aids that MUST be incorporated into your speech outline. When I take a look at these gloves I see my past, present and future. This speech is to inform my audience about personality traits and experiences from my past, present, and future. So, I need to make objects that represent my past, present, and future. In order to have a better explanation of how I am and work, I will divided my life in three big stages: my past, present and future. Self-introduction speech 1 My life can be summarized in three stages: Past, present and future.

The smallest key will be me when I was little and can't come off like the other 3.

Central Idea: (Write in 1-2 sentences.) How these boxing gloves represent my past is the way I grew up as a kid. It is like the "Any old bag" speech, but it must have a catchy introduction and a good concluding sentence also. 2 Introduction: My life is easier to follow, it is not complicated but it is full of details though. Here's what I picked and how it represents my life: Past: Baby Toy Keys - (There will be 4 keys representing my siblings. Don't use plagiarized sources. Being that we have a new class every month, we meet new people every month. One visual aid is to be used within each of your three main points (your past, your present, and your future). If Direct is Simple Future→ In indirect Form, 'will' becomes 'would'ExampleDirect SpeechMy friend said "I will fail"Indirect SpeechMy friend said that he would failNote:-In Direct Speech, we use "will"In Indirect Speech, we use "would"Convert into Indirect SpeechThe boy said "I will come first"-a-Th Your speech must include an introduction, these three main points and a conclusion. This speech will give me a chance to give an overview of my personality traits and life experiences from the past, present, and future. The three objects must have a connection to your life and how it represents that aspect of your life. to represent something from that part of your life. 3 of the keys will be able to come off the ring. 3.