Title: Selected Documents on the Pearl Harbor Attack, December 6, 1941 – December 8, 1941 Primary Creator: Archivists of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum Extent: 0.5 Cubic Feet Arrangement: Series I is arranged alphabetically after the president’s papers and Series II is arranged numerically.

n.p., n.d. U.S. History: Primary Source Collections Online WWII, Pearl Harbor, Atomic Bomb, Japanese-American Confinement ... letters, and other primary sources documenting Japanese-American immigration and life before, during, and after World War II.

Using recently declassified evidence from U.S. archives and newly translated sources from Japan and Russia, it presents new theories on the causes of the Pearl Harbor …

Two Versions of FDR's Infamy Speech, a primary source-based teaching activity on DocsTeach, our online tool for teaching with documents from the National Archives. Students will use the interpretation tools available in the activity to analyze evidence collected during the Congressional investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack. The following is an excerpt from John Koster’s Operation Snow: How a Soviet Mole in FDR’s White House Triggered Pearl Harbor. Early in the afternoon of December 7, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his chief foreign policy aide, Harry Hopkins, were interrupted by a telephone call from Secretary of War Henry Stimson and told that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. Analyzing Evidence of the Pearl Harbor Attack, a primary source-based teaching activity on DocsTeach, our online tool for teaching with documents from the National Archives. It is the Radar Plot from Detector Station Opana in Hawaii, recorded on December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbor, the fateful attack that inspired the United States' active involvement in World War II, occurred 74 years ago Monday, and the Pearl Harbor …

Avalon Home: Document Collections: Ancient 4000bce - 399: Medieval 400 - 1399: 15 th Century 1400 - 1499: 16 th Century 1500 - 1599: 17 th Century 1600 - 1699: 18 th Century 1700 - 1799: 19 th Century 1800 - 1899: 20 th Century 1900 - 1999 Web. 15 Oct. 2012. Pearl Harbor Warbirds offers the best Hawai‘i flight adventure tours available.

Pearl Harbor including news or even music, poems, etc. Be immersed in the details of the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor and soar above the important sites that played a part in the “Day of Infamy.” Relive history as you retrace the steps of the Army and Navy airmen in the days following the bombing.

John S. “United States Naval Base, Pearl Harbor.” National Register of Historical Places . Has about 15 links to primary sources, that we can use in the future. On December 7, 1941, the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by the Japanese navy, bringing about the US entry into the Second World War. 'A Date Which Will Live in Infamy' The First Typed Draft of Franklin D. Roosevelt's War Address Background.

primary sources related to major historical events primary sources related to the bombing of Pearl Harbor in WWII, December 7, 1941 using the Primary Source Analysis guides World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument – Photos and Multimedia “Pearl Harbor inspired poetry” news article World War II in American Music: Pearl Harbor & Reaction