Currently, the Just Say YES Peer-to-Peer Mentoring program is only available for middle and high schools located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our Model. If you peer mentor hours 1, 2, and 3, you must submit a Google Doc to myself, .

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You can provide critical support to ACI’s Peer Mentoring Program with a targeted gift to Associated Colleges of Illinois: $5,500: Funds a Peer Mentoring Program team for one year at an ACI member campus. That is why we created our peer mentoring services. IGNITE Peer Mentoring.

A peer mentoring toolkit.

Peer mentoring toolkit.

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These programs also have the added benefit of promoting 21st-century skills. Sometimes adults just don’t get what it’s like to be a young person today. Peer mentoring support in Schools. The information contained in this tool will be helpful to schools considering designing and implementing a peer mentoring program. Territories and Canada and, as far as can be determined, is the first of its kind. Steinberg, Sarah E. – ProQuest LLC, 2012. I GNITE Peer Mentoring supports students in schools around the world to provide one-on-one mentorship and personal support to their younger peers. Direct link. ToyLikeMe 'My Little Lockdown Life in a Box' A playful paper-based play set to explore life in lockdown. Peer mentoring is an evidence-based way to create positive outcomes and build social capital among young people, including those with increased vulnerability. $2,000: Provides an ACI peer mentor with a one-year scholarship in exchange for helping younger students stay in college and succeed But not everyone has an older family member or friend to help them. Though our team no longer offers on-the-ground support in schools, the IGNITE curriculum is open-source and available to any and all school teachers, counselors, administrators, and students to use in implementation.

Peer Mentoring If you are a peer mentor, you are required to write a weekly log reflection. As educators, we can help bridge this space by creating systems in our schools with peer-mentoring programs. IGNITE Peer Mentoring is an NGO in the United States that empowers upperclassmen in schools to support ninth grade students through one-on-one mentoring.
So, when it comes to dealing with a problem another young person near their age can be the right person to talk to. Peer support in primary schools Informal help, such as playground support, fits extremely well into a ‘whole-school mental health approach’ where staff might equip children with the skills to look out for peers who appear lonely or are struggling to fit into friendship groups.

Fast Company noted that while ground rules vary for peer coaching, these rules typically revolve around a few key precepts. Our Team. This guide gives an overview of the processes to implementing a sustainable peer mentoring project within an educational setting.

Peer coaching is “a type of helping relationship in which two people of equal status actively participate in helping each other on specific tasks or problems, with a mutual desire to be helpful,” according to The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.
This two-phase study determined the landscape and intent of medical school peer mentoring programs in the U.S., U.S. Peer Mentoring - A Guide for Schools.

This qualitative study aimed to highlight the ‘buddy approach’ and provide insight into the positive impact it can have on both the young mentors and the mentees. Here are three tips on establishing and creating a peer mentoring program in your school. An Investigation of Peer Mentoring in Medical Schools of North America. This tool outlines what mentoring involves and the benefits to those participating in mentoring relationships. FREE (5) Popular paid resources. Yes, even as young as five, these kiddos need peer support. Previous research has shown that peer support could positively impact children’s school experience and well-being and could function as school bullying intervention and prevention.