Punjabi's are dominant in key institutions such as business, agriculture, industry, government, army, navy, air force, and police which is why about 70% of Pakistanis can understand or speak Punjabi. Learn new and interesting things.

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Contextual translation of "ikangi on pollution in punjabi language" into Panjabi. LANGUAGES IN PUNJAB Punjabi is the most spoken language of Pakistan . 1 through 30 0.
Get help with your writing. How to solve education problems at work how to write an essay in english for beginners. Steps to solving word problems for kindergarten dissertation pdf file hawking english homework ideas skype business plan 1 layout of an interview research paper radius vlan assignment. Share yours for free! Pollution was started from the prehistoric times however currently it has been boom because of the deforestation, urbanization, technological advancement, and advanced life style. If you have your own PowerPoint Presentations which you think can benefit others, please upload on LearnPick. Air pollution essay in punjabi language ppt. Pollution can be man-made or natural however pollution from the natural sources is less harming than the man-made.

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Punjabi is spoken as first language by over 44.15% of Pakistanis. short essay on pollution in punjabi language your peers, suffered financial hardship, or something along those lines, you can choose to write about option B. Essay on pollution in punjabi language pdf. View On Punjab In Punjabi Language PPTs online, safely and virus-free! Human translations with examples: panjabi, pollution essay. Pollutants or components of the pollution get intermingled into the natural resources such as water, air, soil, etc. Без рубрики . Get ideas for your own presentations. Major Punjabi dialects are Pothwari, Pahari, Hindko, Maji, Seraiki, … Many are downloadable.