9.2 The Need for Specifications. What is Technical Specification of a Civil Construction Project? Construction specifications, also known, as specs, detail the work and workmanship needed to complete a construction project. As required documents during the design phase, they’re part of a formal process.

Specifications describe the products, materials and work required by a construction contract. Well-executed specifications form the written portion of the contract documents that are used to execute the project. They do not include cost, quantity or drawn information, and so need to be read alongside other information such as quantities, schedules and drawings. Specification for construction - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge.

And there’s no way to get around them.

Technical specifications are written requirements and instruction which is used with construction drawings to complete heavy civil construction projects. Construction specifications are usually required because drawings alone can rarely define the qualitative issues of a scheme. So, information provided in technical … Sam Kubba Ph.D., LEED AP, in Green Construction Project Management and Cost Oversight, 2010.