Housing discrimination can take many forms. Discrimination in renting or buying a home, getting a mortgage, seeking housing assistance, or engaging in other housing-related activities. Applicable Law and Protected Classes. Discrimination Isn’t Always Obvious – Example #1: John, who is a Black man, speaks to a prospective landlord on the phone about leasing an apartment. HOUSING DISCRIMINATION AGAINST RACIAL AND ETHNIC MINORITIES 2012 xi EXECUTIVE SUMMARY For much of the twentieth century, discrimination by private real estate agents and rental property owners helped establish and sustain stark patterns of housing and neighborhood inequality. Beginning in The 108-page report, “The Case for Fair Housing,” compiles data from a large swath of fair housing organizations and government agencies to provide a contemporary snapshot of housing discrimination. There were 28,181 complaints of housing discrimination in 2016. Whites are more likely to own their homes, to occupy better quality homes and apartments, and to live in safer, more opportunity-rich neighborhoods. The Department of Housing and Urban Development ("HUD") is the federal agency responsible for creating national policy and programs to enforce fair housing laws. There can be no question that access to housing remains unequal.

There can be no question that the housing circumstances of whites and minorities differ substantially. One of the most important functions of federal fair housing laws is to prevent racial discrimination in the rental, sale, and financing of apartments and houses. Despite long-standing laws guarding against discrimination, members of disadvantaged groups have a harder time finding a high-quality place to live in a high-opportunity neighborhood. Fair Housing Act (race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, disability) Who May File a Complaint HOUSING DISCRIMINATION AGAINST RACIAL AND ETHNIC MINORITIES 2012. Here are some of the most striking findings from the report. Here are some examples of housing discrimination. Discrimination in Housing Against Nonwhites Persists Quietly, U.S. Study Finds Shaun Donovan, the secretary of housing, said that hidden racial discrimination “doesn’t make it … It’s far less obvious, however, whether—or how much—these disparities result from discrimination, because disadvantaged groups