13 Jul 2014 - Explore criddle0285's board "Romeo and Juliet" on Pinterest. View Romeo & Juliet Act 2.docx from ENG 101 at Orange Park High School. Challenge students to a deep understanding of the dramatic structure of Romeo and Juliet with this timeline activity. ... students to brainstorm other projects that appeal to their creative interests. O Projects! A short quiz will follow to test your knowledge. See more ideas about Romeo and juliet, Shakespeare and Romeo and juliet quotes. Students create a pie chart assigning responsibility and write an evaluative paragraph. 6 Creative Ideas for Teaching Romeo and Juliet ... For many high school students, the first day of school is - all too often - a monotonous time loop. What students and teachers are saying about TSC’s Romeo and Juliet Project: This is one of my students favorite lessons. I have former students who still talk about it and want to come back each year. Help me give my students the ability to access tough texts on their own! Name: Aura Robinson Period: _1_ Score:_/26 The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare ACT 2 … Use it to challenge students’ thinking at the end of your unit, to introduce a literary analysis essay, or as review prior to a final exam. Romeo and Juliet is a story that will certainly appeal to high school students. This lesson will highlight Romeo and Juliet project ideas for teachers in language arts classrooms as they engage students in the reading of the play. O Projects! High School Literature Teaching Literature Tools For Teaching Teaching Resources Teaching Ideas Middle School English English Class Fun Classroom Activities Math Anchor Charts. They move from room to room, listen t... 10 Ways to Celebrate Students Online. In such a short period of time, my students went from engaged, thriving, curious individuals who were in charge of their education. Conclude Romeo and Juliet by asking students to evaluate the characters in the play and assign responsibility for the tragic events. Where art thou Bard projects? I also love how my most frustrated children seem to be engaged the entire time. Romeo and Juliet Timeline Activity With Google Link for Distance Learning. Romeo and Juliet Project Assignment Romeo and Juliet projects are required for this unit but the style of project is all about your own unique, creative talents. There are a wide variety of project ideas to choose from. Try to pick a project that fits your strengths and interests.