9. Packages built and distributed using setuptools look to the user like ordinary Python packages based on the distutils. setuptools: should be able to remove eggs, deal with .pth. Setuptools was an attempt to fill in a number of holes in the even older Python standard library package, Distutils. easy_install: may remove the dependencies (ala apt-get autoremove).

tl;dr: keep using setuptools and pip for now, don’t use distutils2. API Reference ¶ New and changed setup.py arguments in setuptools. pure distutils (wo setuptools): only remove files installed by the install command from the same source tree. The distutils package provides support for building and installing additional modules into a Python installation.
[Distutils] Distribute 0.6 released Le dernier 'pip' échoue avec "requiert setuptools> = 0.8 pour dist-info" Comment configurer Setuptools pour Python 2.6 sous Windows? distutils command.

Build egg, source, and window installer ‘distributables’. 1.1. Questions: Answers: There are several reasons we still talk about and use distutils, even though setuptools is without a doubt the better tool set.

1. Firstly, distutils is available everywhere. This document describes the Python Distribution Utilities (“Distutils”) from the module developer’s point of view, describing the underlying capabilities that setuptools builds on to allow Python developers to make Python modules and extensions readily available to a wider audience.

On the plus side, setuptools is well maintained and released frequently whereas distutils is infrequently updated and updates are only available with a new Python release.

See the Installation Instructions in the Python Packaging User’s Guide for instructions on installing, upgrading, and uninstalling Setuptools.. I checked the "fake" setuptools source code but I can't see what I need to modify in order to get setuptools when I ask for setuptools. Setuptools is a collection of enhancements to the Python distutils that allow developers to more easily build and distribute Python packages, especially ones that have dependencies on other packages.. setuptools vs distutils: pourquoi le distutils est-il encore une chose? It appears that distribute and distutils2 were discontinued in favor of setuptools, which leaves two competing standards.

Building and Distributing Packages with Setuptools ¶.

A Simple Example; 1.3. To name a few: distutils is part of the Python standard library, whereas setuptools is a third party library built on top of distutils. [Distutils] Package install failures in 2.6.3 - setuptools vs Distribute; Ned Deily.
Upload these ‘distributables’ to … [Distutils] setuptools vs distribute on Debian [Distutils] Eggs vs bdist_wininst (Was: Distutils and Distribute roadmap (and some words on Virtualenv, Pip)) [Distutils] Having a Python package install itself under a different name [Distutils] How to force installing setuptools instead of distribute ? distutils has a limited feature set, whereas setuptools has many opinionated features. So, if you are creating a python program, in this day and age, use setuptools, however keep in mind that without distutils, setuptools would have never existed. Distutils2 tried to be all things to all people; Python core developers and developers of packaging tools have a different strategy to improve packaging.

GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. (3) Python has a confusing history of tools that can be used to package and describe projects: these include distutils in the Standard Library, distribute, distutils2, and setuptools (and maybe more). An Introduction to Distutils. Oct 3, 2009 at 9:47 am: I'm afraid there is going to be a small deluge of very confused users who will end up needing to install Distribute but only when they eventually figure out why some packages with C extensions mysteriously no longer install after they upgrade to python 2.6.3. This tutorial will focus on the bare minimum basics you need to get setuptools running so you can: Register your package on pypi. to use distribute instead setuptools. Concepts & Terminology ; 1.2.

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