Statistics from the annual Health Survey for ... and outdoor play should be part of this. The way kids spend this time has changed—less time is spent in unstructured activities (e.g.

It highlights the benefits of outdoor play and shows how playing outside supports your child’s development. Year-Round Play is Important! Children’s outdoor play is being increasingly recognized as essential for their healthy development. Children can improve their health and fitness through outdoor play and leisure activity. The study looked at 8,950 children and researchers asked their parents to report their child's outdoor playtime. Children spend only half as much time playing outside as their parents did ... is also championing the humble stick as the “must-have” toy to inspire children’s imaginations and creative play. Nature places virtually no bounds on the imagination and engages all of the senses.

Seven benefits of outdoor play for children From playing on iPads to watching television, children seem to be spending more and more time indoors. Play on prescription Children’s health may suffer because they do not have access to good play provision due to financial circumstances or where lack of knowledge of local

Children who do not have access to outdoor play will miss out on the many benefits that free play in the natural environment has to offer toward their growth. Recent studies tell us why indoor play is detrimental to children’s growth. Risky outdoor play has diminished over time, concurrent with increasing concerns regarding child safety and emphasis on injury prevention. Contrary to what would be expected, opportunities for outdoor play are diminishing, in consequence of globalization, technology expansion and urban growth. Introduction.

• Children’s free play and discretionary time declined more than nine hours a week from 1981 to 2003.

When children are engaged in free play in the outdoors, they are … free play) and more time is spent in structured activities (e.g. When the temperatures dip, kids still need time outside. tion by strangers as a reason to restrict their children’s outdoor play, while 52 percent cited dangers from traffic.12 Another cause of the decline in children’s play relates to the increased time and weight given to schooling and to other adult-directed, school-like activities. “Play in an outdoor, natural environment allows children to explore both their world and their own minds…. Canadian children in dire need of outdoor play: report Lauren La Rose The Canadian Press Published Tuesday, June 9, 2015 7:28AM EDT Last Updated Tuesday, June 9, 2015 7:49AM EDT It is great for young children’s physical development and, while playing outside, children also learn how to get on

However, parents of all generations prioritize outdoor play in the summer months: 89 percent agree that outdoor play is important in the summer, while 84 percent say the same of … For all children, this setting allows for the full blossoming of creativity, curiosity, and the associated developmental advances.” Outdoors, a child learns on multiple levels with each new adventure (Burdette and Whitaker, 2005). Playing in an outdoor environment has huge benefits for young children’s learning and development.

When they play outdoors, children have fun and benefit from: The Importance of Free Play in the Outdoors. sports and youth programs) (Hofferth and Sandberg, 2001; Hofferth and Curtin, 2006). We sought to conduct a systematic review to examine the relationship between risky outdoor play and health in children, in order to inform the debate regarding its benefits and harms.