Gives numerous examples. ... letter I would address the head of the school by name if I could find it and put key points across from my personal statement. How to write a personal statement for teacher training; How to write a must-read CV; The personal statement: why does it matter? It is not an easy task and is a tricky thing to get right. It has a theme. 6. It is very well thought out and connected. LiveCareer has 69124 Higher Level Teaching Assistant CVs in its database.

5. After some years in the workplace and considerable experience of the world of employment, it has become increasingly clear to me that my real interests lie in education, and particularly in teaching and guiding the very young.

Patrick Duncan. Avoids sweeping generalizations and promises. Sample Education Personal Statement. LiveCareer’s CV Directory contains real CVs created by subscribers using LiveCareer’s CV Builder. Discussion in ... will be undertaking my Higher Level Teaching Assistant Level 4 Certificate in September 2018. The personal statement presents the perfect opportunity to show you are an exceptional candidate, understand teaching and know the school you are applying to.

My main goal in life is to ensure young children are supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential. What I like about it is: 1. Personal Profile Statement I am a confident, caring, assertive and organised Teaching Assistant looking for a new opportunity to make a real difference into the lives of young learners. 3. It is specific. 2. Personal Statement for TA role. This is a GREAT TEACHING STATEMENT (not mine!). Teaching assistant CV tips and guidance.

23 St Thornton Ladder Town IV51 4AF Mob: 0000 6865 5433 Email: Personal Profile Statement. 4. This is an actual CV example of a Higher Level Teaching Assistant who works in the Higher Level Teaching Assistant Industry. When you’re applying for teaching assistant jobs you’ll want to demonstrate that you have the right balance of practical classroom experience and personal attributes that make your support in the classroom invaluable. I am currently drafting my supporting statement for a teaching assistant role within a Primary School, it would be great if I could get some feedback on this from former teachers or TA's. I am a caring, inspirational and dedicated Learning Support Assistant with an excellent track-record of supporting and encouraging young people to achieve their true potential. It is personal.

I have made a few changes to my original statement as I haven't heard back from previous applications, this is what I have come up with so far. It is non-platitudinous.